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    Displaying XFA Forms and AcroForms in Flash Builder 4

    Niall O'Donovan Level 7



      I want to display LiveCycle Designer forms (XFA forms) and Acrobat forms (AcroForms) in a Flex web based application.


      I have been trying out FlexPaper for static PDFs and this works great, displaying the PDF as a swf.


      While this works for static PDF it does not appear to work for forms.


      The main problem, as expected, is converting to .swf. The AcroForm converts, but is static and user cannot interact with form fields. The XFA form does not covert to .swf in any meaningful way.


      Example here: http://www.assurehsc.ie/Flex/Forms/FlexPaper.html


      Is there a way to display a functioning form (AcroForm or XFA) in Flash/Flex as a web based application? Alternatively, is it possible to have these forms working directly in an AIR app.


      I appreciate that I can set the documents to open in a new browser window, but I really would prefer to have them open within the app itself.