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    Photoshop album 3.2


      I just want to retrieve my pictures. When I put in my unlock code and click at the bottom where it says "unlock code" Adobe just closes. I shut down my computer and tried again but adobe still closes after i click on unlock code. I tried customer service and got no service. They said they dont support photoshop any more.. They should at least help their customers if they want people to continue using their Adobe products. Terrible way to run a business.

      Anyway can anyone help me? I just want my photos and I can NOT find them on my computer any where because we had to do a system restart.  If I download the new version of Adobe photoshop will i lose those photos from the old photoshop?  Please help someone!!

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          Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

          The program does not store your photos, but it does create miniature copies wihin it. This thread is relevant: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2281100#2281100


          Here is the long explanation:


          It is a common misconception that Starter Edition 'stores', or copies, your files into it. But the program does not move or copy files at all, rather it scans your system's My Pictures directory, and generates miniature versions of your pictures (called thumbnails) so that you can browse a 'flat' list of thumbnails of your photos, overcoming the inconvenience of having to go into separate folders in Windows Explorer to have to find files.The thumbnails, as well as any tags, and Albums that you create in Starter Edition are all stored in the Photoshop Album catalog file, separate from your pictures, and your pictures remain where you originally copied them to your computer.


          If you use Photoshop Album to subsequently download files from a digital camera or scanner, the default location where the program will create those files would be in the My Pictures>Digital Camera Photos folder. But if you do NOT use Photoshop Album Starter edition to download files from your camera, then you will find that folder empty.


          The thumbnails in the Starter Edition catalog will exist, even if you decide to move or delete the original photos that were added to the program. This will cause files in the Photoshop Album catalog to become 'disconnected' from the original photos. To reconnect the files, you can use the File>Reconnect Missing files command to see if the program can locate the original files in a new location, and once again re-link the catalog thumbnails to the files they once referenced.


          Since Photoshop Album has been discontinued, I recommend that folks find an alternative solution. One alternative that will preserve most of what you've created in Starter Edition is the Photoshop Elements 8 trial. Install that, and it will automatically convert the Photoshop Album catalog to a current format, and the program will not time out, as Starter Edition did. If you want to purchase more Editing power, you can also choose to purchase the full program, but it's not required.


          If you are like many who have come to this forum wondering how you can get to your photos, now that the program has become locked or expired, don't worry; your photos have never been moved by Photoshop Album; they remain wherever you intially put them, on your hard drive. To get to them, you can navigate your file system using Windows Explorer. They are typically in your My Documents>My Pictures folder. Here is a handy How-To that you could refer to to find photos on your system, as well as some other tips for how you can use folders to keep your photos organized: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/setup/maintain/filemgmt.mspx


          Hope those tips help!





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            nighteyesofblue Level 1

            Pictures wont be on my computer any where but adobe. We had to do a complete system restore on my computer. So whats wrong with the Adobe program. Why does it close after I click on unlock code?

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              Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

              Not sure why the program is quitting; reinstallation might help. When you say you did a complete reinstallation, do you mean you deleted all your previous files (you My Documents folder)?


              One thing to note is that your files are not stored in Photoshop Album. Only tiny thumbnail renditions of your files are stored. Even if you could launch the program, if you tried to see the file in it's full size, the program would 'complain' that it can't find the original files. Hopefully you backed up your My Documents folder, or you have a previous version of it somewhere...



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                I have the same exact problem. I have 1200 photos on Photshop 3.2 and I cannot access 3.2. When I put in an unlock code it closes down. I just want access for an hour so I can atleast retrieve the photos there. I don't have the files on my computer any longer. I've gone to photoshop.com, it doesn't transfer the photos. I've gone to Elements 8 and it doesnt work either. I can see the photos on 3.2 that are there but cannot do anything because of the registration window. I'm about to contact an attorney. Adobe has no right to hold 5 years of memories without providing any means for retrieving them. Release my pictures please. Is there a way to send a generic unlock code so I can access them long enough to get them off Adobe 3.2?

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                  Photoshop Album only creates a thumbnail of the actual image, which it may still have in its cache. That would be why you would be able to see the image in Photoshop Album, even if the images are no longer on your computer.


                  However, I suggest trying the steps below to see if you can retrieve the pictures that way. IF they are still on your computer.


                  Windows XP:

                  1. Go to "Start"

                  2. Open "Search"

                  3. Select "Pictures and Images"

                  4. Click on "Advanced Search"

                  5. Click on "Advanced Search" again, this is not the same button.

                  6. Enable "Hidden Files and Folders" en "System folders"

                  7. Search for the name " *.JPG "


                  Windows Vista:

                  1. Go to "Start"

                  2. Open "Search"

                  3. Click on "Advanced Search"

                  4. Click "Include non indexed, hidden and systemfiles"

                  5. Search for the name " *.JPG "


                  These may not be the exact steps, as I am doing them from memory. But hopefully it will help enough to perform a search on your computer and helps you find any images that are still on the computer. Images from camera's for example are often hidden away on the system.


                  If you find any image, right click it and "Open containing folder". Then move them all from there to a new location.


                  Kind regards,


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                    nighteyesofblue Level 1



                    " if " you find a solution to the issue we are both having. PLease let me know! And I will do the same.

                    All I want are my photo's. Some are of my kids.

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                      Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

                      Lady in Red and Night Eyes of Blue,


                      The photos you see in Photoshop Album Starter Edition are ghosts of your files, but NOT the files themselves.


                      What you see there are miniature previews of your pictures (320 x 240 pixels in size) renditions of your files, and they were generated based on the files when they did exist on your computer. If you could get into the program, you would not be able to do anything with those files; if you tried to email, edit, zoom in to see a larger version of the files, you would immediately see a 'please locate the original file' error as soon as you clicked on the files. That is the main reason why you are not getting support to enter a code to unlock the program; you would not be able to do anything meaningful with those files.


                      Given this, what you are really after isn't how to unlock your files from Starter Edition (again, they are not IN Starter Edition, and never were), but how to extract the renditions that are in the program's database file.


                      Starter Edition uses a JET database to store all your catalog information, including the thumbnails that you see in Starter Edition. If you could find a JET tools expert, I'm sure that they could help you get at those preview files, but unfortunately, that is not my area of expertise, so I can't help you there.



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                        SyncWolf Level 1

                        Lady in Red and Night Eyes of Blue,


                        I suggest for both of you to follow the steps I gave above.


                        If you are unable to find your pictures that way, then your pictures are no longer on your computer.


                        Photoshop Album, as well as the other organizer programs you may find out there, they create a preview of the image when it gets added to the program. A preview that stays present even after the image is removed from the computer.


                        Photoshop Album will not know the image is gone unless you try to open it the image in the program itself. Until then, Photoshop Album will continue to show the preview it made before.


                        Kind regards,


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                          Marian Dinan

                          I am having the same problem as many other forum members in that I cannot reconnect my missing files.  I have followed your instructions in the Advanced Search for .jpg files, and it is pulling up all my pictures, but not the ones that are missing or need to be reconnected.  I hope you or anyone  can solve this problem for me.  I can see the pictures in the album starter edition 3.2, and can enlarge them, but every option I try still says files have to be reconnected.  If they are no longer in my documents, is there any other solution?  Thank you for your help!!!!!!!!


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                            I had the problem of being locked out of Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition 3.2 which contained pictures from my iPhone which was subsequently stolen. After the phone was stolen I had no other way of retreiving the pictures. As with other posts on this forum I was told by Adobe that there was nothing they could do and that no unlock code would work. They did, however, tell me that the pictures were stored somewhere on the computer and could be retreived if I could figure out where Adobe Starter Edition had put them. I hooked my new iPhone up and downloaded a couple of pictures with the Starter Edition and in the box on the right side of the download page it tells where the pictures will be stored. In my case it was on the C drive in a my documents file under the date of the download. I went to "my computer" then to the C drive and began searching. I finally found them in a "Shared Documents" file. If your computer has been restored to a date prior to the download date there may not be a way to retreive the photos, but I would certainly check with a computer tech to be sure. Bottom line for others, however, is that the photos are there it's just a matter of finding them.

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                              Marian Dinan Level 1

                              Thanks so much for your help.  I will check out your method.


                              Marian Dinan