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    Convert RH8 HTML Project to RH8 Word Project

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      I am new to this organization and taking over an existing RoboHelp 8 HTML online FlashHelp project. My supervisor has requested that I find out how to get our RH8 HTML project into a RH8 Word project, and after reading this forum and others, this sounds like it is not the way to go. The intent of converting to Word is to allow multiple authors (who are not HTML savvy) to create or update help topics. So, my questions are:

      1. Is this the right path to take?
      2. If converting from RH8 HTML to RH8 Word is not the correct path, what suggestions do you have for allowing multiple authors to create or edit content outside of RH8 (and then of course fold into the HTML online Help project)?

      Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!