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    AcrobatActiveXVB SDK Sample - Links in PDF Not working




      I am trying to create an application in VS.net (similar to AcrobatActiveXVB SDK Sample) to display PDF files in my application.  PDF file opens fine.  But external links in PDF file are not working.  I trying to display a main index pdf file, which contains external links to 10 other PDF files.  All 10 PDF files are located in my local hard drive (main index pdf file is also located in the same folder).  If I open the main index file in Acrobat Reader then it the links are working fine.  It is not working only when it is opened inside the AcrobatActiveXVB SDK Sample.  Please help.


      Please Note: Links are not grayed.  I get the hand mouse pointer, when I mouse over to the links.


      Windows OS - XP SP3

      Acrobat Reader - Tried it with 9.1.3 & 9.3.3.  Un-installed and re-installed multiple times



      Thanks in advance.