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    File Properties Length does not match rendered video clip


      I have Premiere Elements 8. I decided I did not want to use audio in some of my video files, so I unchecked audio in the Advanced tab given under the section in SHARE which indicates Presets, File Name, and Save in. I rendered a 720p file with audio unchecked, which played fine in Windows Media Player. Then I decided to put it in another software program I have and noticed that the file did not play until the end. I discovered that the Windows file length listed in the Details of the file (which also appears on the information given about a file that is displayed on the screen when Details is selected in the Windows Explorer listing for the file). The length listed is shorter than the actual length of the video clip as given in Premiere Elements timeline and sceneline views. Because of the incorrect listing in the details of the rendered file, my other software only incorporates the video clip up until the length listed in Windows Explorer for the video file. This does not happen when I leave audio checked in the Advanced tab. But remember, I don't want to use the audio. Yes, I can trick the software with the length if I add "extra video" to my project, but I really do not want to do that. Can anyone help?