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    Exporting drop menu dreamweaver




      I have forgot how I exported a previous drop down menu created in fireworks and used in dreamweaver.


      I have created some buttons, added the slices but when exported into my site in dreamweaver I place button in div tag but drop down does not work. It really is just an image.


      Can you explain How I export correctly from fireworks to dreamweaver and have buttons work properly as drop menu in dreamweaver.


      This is my homepage in development.   apptechparts.co.uk


      I have drop menus created in dreamweaver shown but would like to create different buttons in fireworks.


      If I create one single button with drop menu in fireworks what file should I see and were should I put them in my dreamweaver site?

      Do I need to copy and paste code from fire works doc into my html page I am working on in dreamweaver?