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    How do I expand underlying rectangle with text length?

    woody hayes Level 1

      We are using Flex 4 in an application that displays a warning/ dialog box (of the same basic design) which consist of a text component, buttons at the bottom and an underlying rectangle wrapping it all.


      We would like to create a single overall component for this, load and correctly size (the height) the correct text into the text component depending on the necessary logic, move the buttons and grow and shrink the underlying rectangle vertically dependent on the length of the text.  (It's awkward to describe, but an easy thing to see...)


      We can use a VGroup to expand the text box component and its relationship to the buttons. How do I have the underlying rectangle component grow and shrink the underlying rectangle, and correctly size the text box height to match the incoming text (maybe just use 100%)?


      Thanks,  Woody