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    Flex 4 how to make dynamic horizontal menu with arrow navigation?

    FM_Flame Level 1



      I've looking through the web and I couldn't find example of a horizontal menu with arrow navigation. So what's the best way to do this.

      Using spark list or just datagroup or buttonbar ?


      What I want to have is:

      1) each button has a thumbnail and under it a title

      2) having fixed number of buttons that can be displayed at once, for example 9, and If the buttons are more than that, to have arrows on the left and on the right of them to navigate. The navigation should be with a simple move effect.


      If anyone have done that please post an example or if you've happen to find such example post a link, so I can get how things should work in theory. I've programmed this very easy in flash with AS3 only, but now with all these components I am kinda confused how to do this simple menu.


      Thanks in advance.