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      Good until 8/2, use code EMCYVNV39. Please don't shoot the messenger if it doesn't work, lol!


      Man, I haven't been on the forums in WEEKS, feel like a stranger. I will say this: I'm shooting 24p on my 5D Mark II, and now with Pr CS5 (and the MPE!) installed on my i7 rig with the GTX285 I got back in May, my whole shooting/editing workflow is a DREAM. Adobe did it so well in this version,  almost forgot about the CS4 jerky playback issues and having to manually set up everything. The DSLR presets are so simple yet so nice. Photoshop CS5 also is a huge improvement, that content-aware healing is almost scary. I remove a garbage can in an outdoor park scene and PS draws in the stream and grass BEHIND IT based on the surrounding pixels, way better than the Healing tools of the past. It's wild. But as far as Premiere goes, I dare say that buggy FCP is going to lose marketshare (that should startan interesting conversation!).


      This CS5 suite has been a dream come true. I haven't been reading the boards, maybe folks have had issues, but not this lunatic. I honestly believe that giving Premiere at least an i7 920, 12GB ram, and a half dozen separate drives for OS and apps and assets and projects and even a cheapy WD Blue just for Scratch makes it sail smoothly. All in all, I'm blown away what we can do at our desks now, and I didn't even mention how insane After Effects is and all THAT can do. It's a good time to be an image artist, in whatever capacity.


      OK, rambling over, I'd better get back to work!