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    Trial AE5 Crashing, no web case possible


      I've downloaded and installed the trial version of AE5 onto a new iMac with Snow Leopard. When clicking the AE5 icon, the program begins to run, then crashes after 5 seconds or so. I've contacted chat support twice about this. The first time, I was sent off to make a web case. I followed the 9 points of instruction, only to end up not being able to submit the case. Something on Adobe's side did not allow that step.

      Now I've chatted a second time to explain the issue, and I've been sent here.

      The crash error says 'AE5 Unexpectedly Quit'.

      Do I need to download the entire CS5 suite to get AE5 to run? What's going on?


      Any help is most appreciated.



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Regarding the crash: I did a search on the error message "unexpectedly quit" and found a few possible solutions, including this one and this one. The first suggests re-installation; the second is a forum thread in which the same issue is addressed (though in a Photoshop context), and the issue seems to be fixed by re-installing using a root account or an accont with full administrator privilieges.


          Here's the search that I did.


          Let us know if you need more help or if the solutions pointed to above helped.


          Don't think that I'm blowing you off by pointing you to these pages right away. It's just that these are the same resources that I'd be starting with to help you to work through this issue. The error message is a generic one that applies across all of our software, so the After Effects-specific knowledge on this forum isn't especially applicable.


          Regarding your inability to log a web case:

          Did you not manage to get a case number for your case, then? I'll have someone take a look at this thread and see if they can help to figure out what went wrong there.

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            I just downloaded the CS5 Suite Design Premium overnight to try to re-

            install AE again using the whole package. AE is listed under the 

            programs for the Design Premium, but was not a part of the package 

            after I downloaded and installed it....Now that I look at your 

            website again, I interpreted the way the icons are lined up that 

            those below the Design Premium and the Master Collection were a part 

            of that package. I've only used the master collection before, so I 

            was confused by this, I suppose I mis-interpreted the info on this 

            page. It's kind of confusing.


            Photoshop opened fine, so I'm guessing if I download the Master 

            Collection, AE will be in it, and hopefully that will solve the problem.


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