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    Mouse wheel not working with AIR 2 and Win 7


      Running  Windows 7 Home Premium N 32 bit.


      Using Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000  (wired, not wireless) - current drivers.


      Scroll wheel will not work when  rolled normally, no matter what sensitivity I set the wheel to.  To get  any scrolling action, I have to roll the wheel as fast as I can.  Then,  it will scroll, but in horrible chunky bits, which ends up being wildly  inaccurate and extremely frustrating.


      I've heard of many other people  having this issue.  It's only when the program I'm using is an AIR  application, which leads me to believe that Adobe did something to make  AIR incompatible with a MS mouse & Win 7 OS.


      I have previously run both Windows Vista and Ubuntu (several versions, including the newest 10.04 LTS) with the same  mouse and I had no issues scrolling in an AIR 2 application.

      Is there a solution?  I've heard of others complaining of this problem.  In fact, a programmer of one piece of software I use that runs on AIR 2 mentioned that he has gotten no word back from Adobe on this issue, despite submission of the problem.