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    24p video in 30p container in PP


      So I've recorded footage on my Canon HF S10 in 24p mode but even CS5 sees it as 30p since canon apparently wraps it in a 30p container and doesn't include pulldown flags. When i drop the footage in a 30p timeline i get the yellow line. When i drop it in the 24p timeline i ALSO get a yellow line BUT the audio is out of sync. Anyway to fix this?


      This is all very confusing and there is so much to fix! I don't even know if that 24p in 30p container statement of mine is even true! i just read that somewhere! I have no idea how to do this


      On top of that... when I export 24p i get weird frame blending (as if it's fading frames) in h.264... i hate canon




      I read on canon's website that 24p is recorded in 60i... so would that mean that the 60i footage is in a 24p container? Why would PP see it as 30p then?