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    Flash Builder - Launch Failed




      I am new to Flash Builder and Action Script so this may be something obvious to others...


      Flash Builder is not re-generating swf and html files in the Bin-debug folder and consequently fails with message "Launch Failed". Here are steps to reproduce behaviour:


      • Using Flash Builder 4 under Vista
      • create Folder MyProjectName
      • File-> New -> ActionScriptProject (provide MyProjectName)
      • Project->Build Project (creates html and swf files in bin-debug correctly)
      • switch to Flash Debug perspective and run debugger; step through the "empty" code OK
      • Close project, Close Flash Builder
      • add some AS code
      • open Flash Builder
      • Refresh file system (F5)
      • Project Build
      • Debugger steps as if OLD Action Script code is in the file!!!
      • Clean project and build entire workspace
      • ALL files in bin-debug are deleted but are NOT re-created!
      • Launch Fails (as there are no files in bin-debug folder)


      I have ensured that ActionScript compiler settings are "ticked" to generate wrappers, restarted system, Looked into processes in the windows Task Manager, searched the web but all to no avail. I am convinced that there must be something simple I am missing which prevents proper compiling of my project (unless there is some serious bug on part of the Adobe...)


      Many Thanks to All who care to assist!


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          Anirudh Sasikumar Adobe Employee



          Can you check the problems view (in the bottom) to see if there are any compile errors?


          Or you could post your main AS file here and we can take a look.




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            NKorecki Level 1

            Hi Anirudh,


            Thank you for the tip!


            This was driving me crazy. I now realize that although Flash Builder allows you to "launch" code with errors it actually does not compile it - creating weird situations like mine where it was at one stage happily "stepping" through the code which I have modified but actually it was not stepping through the modified code which it displayed but the "old" code from the previous successful compilation. This has utterly confused me, but now it is sorted - lesson learned: do not attempt to run anything while there are errors present!


            Thank you once again - you have helped me (and others who encounter this issue) greatly.