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    Timing the start of a video

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      I am new to FC but am having some frustration.


      What I am trying to do is simple.  I have imported a SWF that lasts about 4-5 seconds.  I wish to then have a video screen appear and play the video.  I cannot figure out how to accomplish this.


      I imported the SWFfile and the video file to the first state.  When run, the SWF and the video commence simultaneously as predicted.  I then duplicated the state, but no transition controls were available.


      I tried to delete the video player from the first state so that the transition essentially results in the addition of the video player.. This did result in a "Video Player" bar in the timeline with a Fade In control.  I then moved the fade control to the 5 second mark and stretched the fade control to last about 1 second, I thought this would work. However, when I ran the project, the video did not play at all. The "Autoplay" box is checked in the Video Player properties panel.


      I am now at a standstill.  All help is greatly appreciated.


      Jeff in Palmetto, FL


      PS: I must compliment Adobe for allowing direct imporation of a SWF into  FC.  I have been very frustated with Flash since this does not appear to be possible. Great job Adobe for giving FC this functionality. Now if I can just get he video timing figured out!


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          Tanya Heins-2I5OoU Level 3

          Hi Jeff,


          Sounds like you are on the right track with the SWF in State 1 and FLV in State 2.  Do you want the transition to happen automatically or will there be user interaction?


          If you want a user to interact (click a button) to go to the next state you will need to pull a button component into the workspace and attach an interaction to it (On Click go to State 2)  Then set your FLV to start playing automatically.


          If you don't want user interaction and simply want to wait till State 1 is finished, I would suggest exporting your .swf as an .flv (I'm assuming your swf is linear) and then using the OnVideo Play Complete Interaction.  You can only apply this interaction to an .flv  See screenshot below.



          Hope this helps,


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            impactvideo Level 1

            Thanks for the advice.


            I must profess, I am a bit confused over the logic used in the Flash family. I am not well experienced in Flash, but I am well versed in Premiere Pro and pretty good in After Effects.  Layout and timing of video the pretty intuitive in these programs.


            Here is a link to an example of what I am doing:  www.wisteriapark.com


            I have been using a 3rd party flash authoring program which is really intuitive and simple.  The project this link was completed in about 10-15 minutes in this 3rd party program.  However, it is time to move up to Adobe Flash family and ultimately have more power. Especially better quality video.


            There is no user interactivity other than the player controls in the video player.


            I will have to read over your comments again and try tomorrow.  Seems like a lot for just a simple video fade in.   If I could be so bold as to see if you can view the first 5-7 seconds of this project at the above link, it should become quite obvious what we are trying to do.  If you see a simpler way to accomplish this video fade in. I would be very grateful for your help.


            Best Regards.


            Jeff D.

            Palmetto, Fl

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              Tanya Heins-2I5OoU Level 3

              Hi Jeff,


              Your comments make sense.  Sounds like you're coming at this product from a video editing background.  Best to think of Catalyst as a tool for creating user experiences with branching logic (meaning users need to interact and choose their path through the content) rather than linear video presentations.


              Took a look at your site. 


              The video (.flv) of Robert Grant on the left takes a couple of min. to load and then plays with very poor audio. What is the file size of that element? You may want to compress the file for web use. 


              The content on the right(.swf) also loads very slowly.  You'll need to compress this further.


              Suggest you compress both resources to smaller file sizes then continue with designing the interaction in your project.



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                impactvideo Level 1

                Thanks for the feedback.


                Noit sure why play is rough.  I have viewed this on many computers and ususally plays smooth.  Video was encoded at 850 Kbps in .flv. 2 pass encoding On2 VP6 codec.  Just cleared my cache and viewed again and the animation plays immediately with the video preloading for about 3-4 second prior to smooth play.  No obvious problems.


                The reason I am trying to figure out hows to use Flash or Flash Catalyst to do the same thing is that the 3rd party flash authoring software we have been using only accepts .flv videos for inclusion into the Flash projects.  This rules out using MP4 files. 


                Adobe Flash accepts .MP4 files. This allows us to use Sorenson Squeeze for encoding in multi-pass with H.264 in high profile mode and hence much better video compression.. I may have to investigate the use of a Flash Media Streaming Server to ensure smoothness for most viewers.  Admittedly, if someone has a web connection less than about 2-3 Mpbs, then it might be difficult to see our presentations clearly.


                Anyhow, after seeing what we are trying to do, Can you tell me how to fade in the video?  Importing the SWF is no problem in FC. . It is just the video portion that is giving me trouble. I have tried everything I can figure out, and still can't accomplish a simple fade in of video in FC. I have spent hours trying to figure this out!!!!!!!!!    The software we are currently using  takes about 10 seconds to do this! 


                So much for FC being the "simple, ease of use" solution for designing in Flash.


                Thanks for your suggestions.



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                  Tanya Heins-2I5OoU Level 3

                  Here's a quick example of how to fade in a video.   You'll control the timing in the Timeline.



                  See source in the attached fxp file.




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                    impactvideo Level 1

                    Sorry. I went back and read your post more carefully.  My first response missed part of your point.


                    The Bob Grant cameo video is an experiment.  Due to file size concerns, the main video loads from an external folder (just like with Adobe Flash). However, using "Load External" videos makes timing later content problematic with our current software.  The Grant cameo is placed on the timeline to commence immediately following the main view.


                    The cameo video is an embedded SWF.  The timing of the two videos works fine during design. However, when deployed to our web server, the timing of the cameo with the main video is not predictable. The currently begins to play a few seconds prior to completion of the main video. When we try to make a small adjustment on the timeline, then it might play 45 seconds after the main video.  We need a solution to this.  This is another reason I am trying to migrate to Adobe Flash/Flash Catalys.  It would be nice if multiple .flv's can be played with precision in succession in "load external" configuration.  This cannot be done with precision in our current software. 


                    It seems odd, that Adobe does not take a look at the 3rd party Flash authoring programs and try to incorporate some of their features into the Adobe Flash family.  These programs are much, MUCH, MUCH! simpler to use and much more powerful in some respects.


                      It is strange that FC has a provision for direct import of SWF files, but does not seem to be possible in Flash without messing around with some kind of code. Very strange and frustrating.  I am not really interested in learning code.  I will if I have to, but do not like the thought of it or the extensive time involved.


                    Anyhow, thanks again for your help.



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                      Interesting. The file you sent did work.


                      It appears to be identical to one of the trials I performed with my video.


                      Using your file, I deleted the sample video you included.  I then substituted my video and it almost worked fine.  I say almost for a reason.  When I tested the movie the fade worked, but the video had to be played on click of the play button. Not quite what I am looking for.  I then set the video for autoplay and retested.  In  this test, the audio from the movie started playing immediately (prior to fade in).  Then the video screen faded in on schedule and began to play the video. I am not sure why this happened.


                      Also, when I went to substitute my movie for the one you had in the file, only .flv's were shown to select from. Apparently the deletion of your movie from the stage did not remove traces that this was an flv playback component.  My preference is to use an f4v file due to the increased quality of the h.264 encoding and multi-pass rendering.  These are not supported in the .flv format.


                      Strangely, upon opening of your file, the color registry of my computer got wildly shifted. This persisted in all programs,the desktop,  documents, etc even after closing FC altogether and persisted through a restart.  However, deletion of the file, a hard shut down and subsequent restart remedied just fine. Not sure what caused that.


                      Anyhow, I am reluctant to re-download the file.  Can you tell me how you arranged the components?  From my memory it appeared that you imported the SWF background into State 1 then imported the video into State 2 then just adjusted the position and duration of the fade transition. The visibility of your video player was off in State 1 and on in State 2  There was also the application of an interaction which I cannot remember.


                      As I am writing this, I am reconstructing the project in FC.  Here are my steps:


                      Attempt 1:

                      New Project----Duplicate blank State----select State 1 and import SWF (this SWF is the animation part of the Wisteria Park project)----Select State 2 and import the video - Select play order as Slide 1 --- Slide 2


                      RESULT:  I get a "Fade Out" in the timeline for Layer 2, Playing the timeline, the video player shows up then quickly disappears.  Obviously this is not going to wok. Upon "Run Project" the SWf plays fine and the video does not even appear.


                      Attempt 2:  New Project---Import SWF----Duplicate-----Select State 2------Import Movie.  Result:  Works in timeline, Upon Run Project,  video seems to fade in OK but video has no player controls and does not play.


                      Attempt 3:  Take Attempt #2 and add "autoplay" property to video.  Results:  exact same in both timeline and Run Project as Attempt 2.


                      Attempt 4:  Take Attempt #3 and add interaction to State 2, video player layer= "when in state 2" "Play Video" "selected video file"  Result: Same as last 2 attempts.


                      Attempt 5:  Remove interaction from previous attempt.  Apply new interaction to State 2= "Play transition to State 2 when in State 2"  Result: same as above.


                      I think it is possible that I am not really exactly understanding the functions involved with the interactions.  Can you tell me what the proper interaction should be and which state it should be applied to?  I must be close on this.


                      Thanks once again for all your help.



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                        impactvideo Level 1

                        Hello Tanya:


                        Since my last post I have become a good bit more familiar with FC.


                        The project folder you posted to the forum is functional, but your video begin to play immediately when the project is run and the video player fades in while the video is playing.  When I moved your transition to the 5 second mark and your video countdown faded in at the 5 second point in the countdown.  This means the video was already playing at the time it faded in.


                        My goal is to have a delay prior to the start of the video.  I am beginning to understand the logic with interactions. However, I still cannot figure out how to accomplish my goal. This goal is to have a short SWF play for about 5-6 seconds, followed by the fade in of a video player which plays a video from the beginning.   .


                        Would greatly appreciate any further comments on how to achieve.




                        Jeff in Palmetto, Fl

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                          Tanya Heins-2I5OoU Level 3

                          Sorry for the long time in replying.  This thread was buried.  You'll need to setup a timer.  There's a discussion thread and example file here:  http://forums.adobe.com/message/3002744#3002744