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    Where's the Interactions panel?

    iptinak Level 1

      Okay, so I downloaded the trial version of FC and can't seem to find the iInteractions panel. I can select a button (that I created), edit my timeline, making transitions for objects to move in and out with a moose over. During all this time I have yet to see or find the interactions panel (to link the rollover to something). What am I missing? I thought the trial version was "fully functional"? I am used to Adobe stuff and looked in the tool bars for a "view" or "window" area to toggel on the panel but no dice. Any help greatly appreciated! I'm sure it is a simple oversight on my part but it's driving me nuts. In the Lynda tutorials it looks like it is there by default so maybe I turned it off somehow?

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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee


          The panels are an all or nothing deal, but they can be resized to appear invisible. Try Window > Reset Workspace if it isn't showing up there.



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            iptinak Level 1

            Thanks, I'll try the "reset workspace". I see where it is supossed to be and have dragged the size of the panel above and below it but it plain just isn't there. I must have toggeled something off somehow. I'm more used to the other Adobe products where you can choose to view a panel or not and couldn't find an option like that. Hopefully the reset will bring it back.


            Should it always be there no matter what symbol or object is selected?