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    How do you wired up a HSlider with set-in and set-out point?


      Hi guys. My project is currently based on this tutorial guide:



      As you can see from above, there is a set in and set out point for user to edit the clips, on where they want their video to be played from and end at.


      My question here would be,

      I need to create almost something identical to that BUT

      instead of a user input of the numercial number of the set in and set out, im supposed to use a slider for the set in and set out point.


      How do i actually 'wired' up the list below :
      When my FLV video clip is playing, the slider is moving synchronsingly with the time frame of the video. At the same time I have the option to drag the slider. And when I want to set the set in point, I have to move the slider and click the 'set-in' button. And when that happen, the set in point timeframe will appear on the textbox.


      In basic, I'm requesting to do the same as the tutorial has done. But I need to do it with the slider way instead of inputing the number in ourselves.


      Please please people from all over the place, some serious help is needed here.
      I would appreciate any sort of help from you people.