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    Cannot Move images freely on Dreamweaver CS3

      So I just got Dreamweaver CS3 today and this is my first exposure to the program. I have a problem though.

      I cannot drag an image on top of another one without it snapping to either the top, bottom or sides of the image I am dragging it on top of. I have extensive experience in CorelDraw and in that program you can drag images ANYWHERE you please and it doesn't matter what layer that image is in. What settings must I change so that I can move images freely?

      More detailed description of my problem:

      I have designed a large image for my background and I want to drag a menu that I designed on top of that one. Both images are JPG format. When I try to drag the menu image on top of the larger background image it snaps usually above or bellow the larger background image - it never stays on top of the background image(where I want it).

      What must I do to fix this?

      Please help me.

      Thanks in advance,
      Nick Hall