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    Premiere Ignores preview files


      Hi, I have a 45m sequence in hdv 50i


      there are quite a lot of effects added to it including the neat noise reduction effect (which renders at about 1-2 fps) I have to export it at a few different setting so I built the previews, leaving it for 12 hours and came back to render it.


      Premiere is ignoring the preview files from transistion and those from track 2 as well. Instead of rendering faster than real time I have to wait 12hrs + to ger the the final files.


      I'm watching it encode in meda encoder now and when it's on track on its faster than real time but when the clips from track two or transistions are applied it slows as if it's unaware of the preview files.


      The "use preview files" box is checked and it is doing this in multiple projects and sequences.


      Any ideas?

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do not use the preview files, use Max Render Quality instead for best results.

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            BradshawWhite Level 1

            I'm exporting to flash, h264 and mpeg2. i don't have time to export three times with each one taking 12hours.


            the preview files are better quality than the original codec so i should able to use both.


            Appreciate your help but I need to know why premiere is ignoring those specific track  when that is one of the purposes of building preview files.


            looks like a bug to me,

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              PR can only use preview files if the sequence settings and the export settings are the same.


              If you have an AVCHD sequence, which is rendered, and you export to Flash, the rendered files can not be used, because the export format is different, at least that is what makes the most sense.

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                BradshawWhite Level 1

                yeah, thats not been my experience though. With CS3 and CS4 if you built the preview files first it would fly through.


                Put it this way, the plugin I use (neat video) when rendering or building previews will go at about 1fps. Without it its about 30fps. maybe more.


                Whats confusin me is that in some parts of the sequence it flies through at 30 fps but on track two and cross dissolves it's down to 1fps. Clearly at some point it is using them and at others it isn't.


                I've just rendered out the whole sequence to sd mpeg in about 10 minutes by exporting directly so it definately did use the previews files that time but I bet if I go back to h264 it will be weird again. trying to figure out whether using media encoder is the problem.


                I'd just like to figure out what is causing it.