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    Button Actions

      How can I link a button to play a movie clip in another timeline within my project? I have two seperate movie clips on my stage, one of which contains buttons. How can I use a button to control the timeline in my other movie clip? I only know how to use basic action script, such as the timeline controls; goto function. I hope what I'm asking makes sense... Is there a way to do this?
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          FlashTastic Level 1
          If you're new to actionscripting, first make sure that all of your buttons, movieclips, etc. have instance names, or else you'll never get your code to work.

          Let me assume for example's sake that your clips are named clip1_mc and clip2_mc and that clip1_mc contains a few buttons, play_btn, and stop_btn, and you want them to control the timeline in clip2_mc.

          On your main timeline, you could use the following code:


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            shojinate Level 1
            Thank you! It is working wonderfully!!
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              on this and another persons thread, when they go to list code I don't see any... But someone replies afterwards with thank you like they see the code. Why am I not seeing it? lol

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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                because it's an old thread.  after a forum update one or two years ago, many messsages failed to make the transition to the updated forums and parts of messages did not make the transition.

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