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    Flash debugger Extremely slow


      I am currently using Flash Builder 4 and building my first project with FlexSDK 4 .

      To debug the application I installed the Flash debugger version plugin (v10.1.53.64) for FF  .


      Don't know if there is some parameter I need to set, but it is Extremely (imagine the caps ) slow. Actually I just cannot work this way.


      I have been using the debugger before and it was extremely powerfull and fast. Don't know what the problem is.  I already reinstalled a few times, no luck however.



      Anyone ?



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          If you use Run vs Debug is it faster?  What if you debug a small app?

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            guide0 Level 1

            I have found the problem.


            When using the default player, it ran as usual (thus fast ....) . Once using the  debugger it became horribly slow.

            Then I started testing right into the folder where the application was deployed. Then I found a missing file.

            However , I thought when copying a file into the src, Flash Builder automatically created a duplicate in the debug folder.  This did not happen and that is why the application locked up (as it could not read the file).



            So what is the proper way to handle missing files programmatically. ?




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              John Hall Level 4

              Not that any of us would know about bad compilations but my three-pronged assault in those situations is


              1. Clean the project (Project > Clean)

              2. Delete the bin-debug folder then clean the project

              3. Delete the bin-debug folder then clearn the project and make sure all browser cache files are cleared


              On a very rare occasion, I've had true corruption and none of the above worked. In that case, it's probably best to wipe out your .metadata folder in teh workspace and start anew. However, this wipes out any settings you've done for mapping keys and preferences and all that kind of stuff so I reserve it for a last ditch effort to clean up the project.