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    Air application with multiple windows and ajaxes


      I've made an application, which opens up two window with external location (for example using air.HTMLLoader.createRootWindow), each with script starting up many POST AJAXes, which lasts for over few seconds (example benchmark page I've made to test it: http://trakos.pl/benchm.php)

      And then, before those long-run ajaxes finishes, my application opens up second window, with the same script, and then I immedietaly close the fist one.

      A result:  a total disorder - the responses for the ajaxes from closed window are interfering with the new one: sometimes data from ajax  comes out as a html for a newly opened window, sometimes it comes as an image, resulting in an error (the '?' in the box instead of image), and sometimes it comes as an answer to a completely different AJAX in a new window...


      Strangely enough, this is what I found out when searching for even worse errors - in my real application I've noticed similar behaviour without closing window, but I couldn't exactly pinned it down - it probably have something to do with aborting ajaxes or changing images before they're loaded, but I'm not exactly sure.


      Well, I want my application to be able to open multiple windows and  allow user to close any of it at any time. I've sent it as a bug to adobe, but before they can fix it, maybe you know how could I overcome this problem?..