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    Setting BorderContainer height=0 doesn't work

    EricJ32 Level 1

      Hi all, I am trying to create an expandable control on a page by having a BorderContainer with height set to 0, and when a button is clicked use a Resize effect to expand the height of the BorderContainer (to height=200) to reveal the contents.


      I have this:


      <s:Resize id="resize" duration="5000" />


      <s:BorderContainer id="editScreen"
                         height="0" width="500"
                         top="1" horizontalCenter="0"

                         <s:Label text="Contents will go here" />



      However, when I load my application, I can see the text "Contents will go here", albeit I can't see the background of the container. When I click the button, the background of the BorderContainer appears.


      How can I prevent the contents of the BorderContainer being shown when its height is set to 0? If I use a Halo Canvas, this works fine, but I'd prefer to stick with the BordrContainer.


      Also, the resize effect isn't working - the size instantly changes, rahter than expanding.


      Any ideas?