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    PDFs launch fine from help toc and index, but content can't be searched

    feebeegeebee Level 1


      I've started to include .PDFs with my help output. I'm launching them either from the TOC or the Index as additional information. They are included as baggage files and are referenced within the help. This works fine.

      However, can anyone confirm whether the content of these PDFs, once referenced from the main help, will be included in the search?

      So, if I searched for a specific word which exists within one of these PDFs (i.e. not in the title) would it be returned along with the main help search results?

      Is there any way to do this?

      I've read certain info that seems to hint that this is possible, but it certainly doesn't work for me.

      Confirmation either way would be great!

      Thanks for any help.