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    quadro fx 3800 for external output?


      we are currently using a blackmagic multibridge extreme, and, to be honest, there are some things we dont really like. so here is my idea.

      would it be possible to use one of the 2 displayport outputs on the quadro 3800 for external monitoring (premiere and ae) ? we are using a dtv-crt from jvc (1080i, 1080/24psf, 720p and pal&ntsc) with hd-component input. there are lots of adapters out there to bring the signal from displayport to analog component (displayport=>vga=>component). it would be a nice try, because i think all cuda-acceleration would make sense. right now we dont have any use of cuda because of the blackmagic card.

      thanks again and greetings,


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          The Quadro's and Geforce cards give you 2 outputs at one time. On the Quadro you can run DVI and Displayport or dual Displayport but you can't run all 3 at once. If you need a 3rd out then you have to have a i/o device or another video card which is not recommended. If 2 outputs will work for you then yes, you can stop using the Multibridge.