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    Application Error: Adobe Has Encountered a Problem?

    TStewartFan Level 1

      I know this thread is a million times posted and one fix for one system doesn't resolve the issue for another system so instead of reinventing the wheel with this error I am reverse engineering the error.  I will post what fixes it for my situation in hopes to find a permanent long term solution instead of a simple bandage.  I have an internal application that uses a pdf reader to view pdf's and when using Adobe Reader 9.x (multiple versions attempted and all properly uninstalled/reinstalled), a popup is displayed onscreen with the generic Adobe Reader has Encountered a Problem and Needs to Close notification.  After reading many posts regarding this error and attempting a multitude of fixes I was able to identify my point of failure.  The application calling upon Adobe is launched as a different user then the actual user signed into the OS (application is launched as an administrator account but the user is actually a limited user account) so when Adobe attempts to access user specific files then it fails and inevitably crashes the application.  I have added special permissions to every file ProcMon identifies as being touched (Adobe included) but still end up with the same results (all other readers work fine but I prefer Adobe) so the only work around was to imbed a call out into the application code to forever launch Adobe as a set user anytime certain extensions were called upon.  Outside the application Adobe works fine and there are zero errors when launching pdf's, internal and external to IE.  However, I am now experiencing other issues due to this "arranged marriage" between these two applications (i.e. a third OS user attempts to use this application then it fails, File does not begin with '%PDF-') so if anyone has ever been able to find the root of this error under these circumstances (a solution would be a bonus) then any added assistance in where to go next would be greatly appreciative.  Many thanks all!