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    Cannot change speed of nested clip - CS5 with GTX470

    Bill Engeler Level 3

      I've noticed some funny behavior with nested clips in CS5.  If I try to use the change speed setting to slow down a clip that has been nested, a multi camera sequence, for example, I get a black screen with any speed except 100%.  I could do this in past versions without a problem.


      The problem seems isolated to MPE, as if  I use software acceleration only, it works as usual. I'm using a GTX 470 with the software mod to use MPE. The driver for the GTX 470 is the most recent from Nvidea.


      My sources are HDV 25F from a Canon XHA1, but the same problem occurs with interlaced HDV as well.


      Can anyone else replicate this?  How about with the really supported cards?


      CS5, Windows 7 64bit

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have the A1 and the GTX285 and i cannot replicate.

          Hope that answers your question.

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            Magnus Allgurén Level 2

            I have just finished a project which contains a bunch of still photos for

            an exhibition. It turned out the media had to be rotated 180 degrees for the audience to get the best possible viewing angle from the LCD screen used in the museum. They also wanted me to speed up the pace of the slide show by 33%.


            I nested my sequence sped it up by 33% and rotated 180 degrees. My screen turned black. If I disabled GPU acceleration everything show up fine. By enabling GPU acceleration it all turned black again. I wanted to see if video is opaque black or transparent, so I switched to Alpha view. Alpha showed fine, showing me opaque and transparent areas. Switching back to composite view, it was all black again. So I had to export it using software MPE only.


            I have a GTX285 (latest driver July 19th), so it is not specifically a problem with the 470 or the format of video being used. All my media was TIFF or JPEG. Even title files disappeared...


            I also run Windows 7, 64bit.


            I am sorry I cannot help you, but at least I'm hoping it could help narrow down the problem!