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    Looking for WebHelp Add-ons for "Print All"


      Using RH8/TCS2. My company is delivering a context-sensitive WebHelp system with the next version of our product. In the beta period, a large customer has asked for the ability to print the entire contents of the Help system. Since this capability is not included in RH, I've been asked to look for an add-on that will enable our customers to print the entire Help. (Mgmt understands that this isn't a good idea since info can become stale, but when a customer wants something, we usually try to give it to them.)


      I've created Print Doc output formats for the Help (4 of them so far, largest being 299 pgs). At the final release time, I'll output to Word, fix up the formatting, make a PDF, and post on our customer docs page. But they (mgmt) still want to provide the ability to print either the entire Help system or a book of topics at any time, so customers don't have to download the PDFs. (Yes, I know I can include a PDF in the Help, but our workflow makes that pretty challenging, so we decided to use the docs page for distribution.) What they want is some sort of right-click functionality in the Contents.


      I would appreciate it if someone can recommend companies who make add-ons for RH. I've tried searching and am not having much luck finding anything. Thanks for any help you can provide!