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    Problem using Application Tree in Project Properties


      Right click on properties of a project, go to flex applications.


      In Fx3, the only branches shown for my project are the ones with actual application files (mxml). This is really nice, only shows me what I need to see. Everything is in one spot. Quick, clean and efficient.


      In Fb4, it displays all my directories in my project, and my applications are in the last sub directory. But because I've got 10 other sub directories, and probably more then 10 directories in each etc etc, the tree makes my scroll bar about 1 1/5th.

      1) There is no collapse all to close this nasty tree

      2) Why not start it collapsed so all the branches are closed, but the only branches that displayed are the ones with the mxml files?


      It is super annoying to scroll down, see what application is selected, scroll back up to add a different application, then scroll back down to select the one I've added then scroll back up to set the default.


      Just start this view with the tree collapsed or expose branches that only contain mxml files? Can this be fixed or can I some how get the behavior of the previous version?