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    PowerPoint animations and hyperlinks don't function after published using Presenter 7


      I am trying to convert a PowerPoint 2007 presentation with custom animations, and a few hyperlinks on an occassional page.  Some animations come across, but most text animations do not.  I get the same result with Captivate 4, and Captivate 5.


      I have converted my PowerPoint 2007 to a ppt, and tried that...no improvement.

      I have deleted 90% of my slides to see if it is size related...no improvement.


      I have used a non-Adobe product, and it converted to Flash correctly, but I don't like their Quiz builder tool, and would like to get Presenter 7, or Captivate to work with the PowerPoint.


      Looking for suggustions on how to use Presenter 7 to convert my PowerPoints correctly.