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    Command Line Build


      I'm trying to do a command line build for my project.  I have a main application, that uses a couple of libraries and there are about 10 modules.


      I can compile the main application using mxmlc, but when I try to compile the modules I get an error saying it can't find the main application.



      My question is, there seems to be 2 paths here.  The mxmlc way that I've been playing with and an ant build way.  I don't mind switching to the ant build way if it's easier, but I just don't know what the recommended or preffered way is.


      Here is my current mxmlc script for the main application.


      %FLEX_home%\mxmlc  -library-path+="../libs/3rd_party/Library1.swc"  -library-path+="../libs/3rd_party/Library2.swc"  -theme=${flexlib}/themes/Halo/halo.swc MyApplication.mxml


      What would the correct way to build the modules be?