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    Camera Raw / smart object ?

    Jeff_N Level 1

      Using CS3 / CR / Bridge
      I've shot 500 wedding images, sorted & edited them in Bridge. Now I'll look at each one in camera raw (in Bridge) and make any needed adjustments. I use CR and adjust / sync as many similar files as I can; zipping thru the 500 images quickly and save without opening, then in Bridge > Tools > Photoshop > Image Processor, I use the image processor to process all the 500 images (while I sleep), and save as tiff or psd. I set the CR options to process as a Smart Object. But the files don't process a SO.
      Is there a way to process /batch process the 500 images and  have them saved so later when I open them, they open as smart objects. I only fine tune the client "Picks" as they don't order all the 500 images shot. Now if I want to alter the color balance, exposure, etc., I can double click the smart object, go back into camera raw and make any adjustments/ refinements, click OK and it updates the file. This mantain's a higher integrity of the file.
      In CR I know I can check the box "open as a smart object", but that only seems to apply if I immediately open the file (or files) and then save them. It is not practical or feasible to select 500 files, open and save them at one time. If I save the Raw file(s) to open later, (as in my above workflow) then it will not open as a smart object.
      Another way to ask this question:
      Why can't I use the Image Processor in Bridge / CR to process my 500 CR files as Smart Objects?
      When in CR I can set the options to process as a SO, but that only will process the open file(s) in CR as SO. Not practical to process 500 files.
      I checked on the Adobe Exchange but did not find any scripts or actions that would facilitate this.
      Does anyone know if what I'm trying to do is possible and how?

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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          Very easy to do by recording an action and then using Batch called from Bridge.


          First, start by starting to record an action. Then from a folder (not from Bridge) open a raw file, set your Workflow Options to what you want...do a Save As and either a PSD or TIFF, then record a close step.


          Then, in Bridge select your images you want, and choose Tools>Photoshop>Batch. Be sure you select Override Action Open Commands and check Suppress File Open Options Dlog and Suppress Color Profile Warnings in the Source portion of Batch. In Destination, set to Folder, chose a folder to save to and be sure to check Override Action Save As Commands.


          The resulting saved images will retain their original individual settings, be opened with the recorded Workflow Options (including the Smart Object) and the saved files will retain the ability to open the Smart Objects embedded in the file into Camera Raw.

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            Jeff_N Level 1

            Jeff S


            I tried very carefully, several times your suggested steps, but it's a No Go


            The files processed with the different customized settings for each file, but the processed files were opened in PS, alas, they were a flattened, psd or tiff with no smart object.


            Here's what I did:


            Creating the Action in PS

            I tried several different options in opening the file:

            1) In PS: file > open and broused to the raw file, which opened in CR.

            2) From PS, then went to the finder and found the raw file > open with > PS CS3. The file opened in CR.

            In both attempts I adjusted CR settings, the CR option was set to open as a smart object. In CR I clicked open as a smart object. So far so good. The file processed and opened in PS with the setting in CR and as a smart object. I then did a file > save as (tried tiff and psd), and then a file > close.


            Back in Bridge, selected all the files; then Tools > Photoshop > Batch and checked Override Action Open Commands, Suppress File Open Options Dialogs, Suppress Color Profile  Warnings,

            Destination: picked my folder to save into, checked Override Action Save As Commands.


            It process all the selected files, saved and closed  in the assigned folder. But when I opened them again, no smart object.


            Any thots, suggestions, or can this not be done.




            P.S. I will add this post to the one in Photoshop Mac forum

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              Jeff_N Level 1

              In an effort to keep this question / answer current, (this question is on listed on two forums) here is an answer from Jeff Schewe from the Photoshop > Mac forum.


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              Re: Camera Raw / smart object ?

              Jeff_N wrote:



              Jeff S


              Any thoughts, suggestions, or can this not be done.




              I'm pretty sure it's a bug....when recording the action in CS5, if you change the Workflow Options to open as a Smart Object, ALL the settings are hardcoded into the recorded Open action step. This is wrong...if you open an image and change the Workflow OPtions but DON'T try to open as a Smart Object, the Open action is recorded correctly–only the Workflow Options are recorded and when processed the files properly retain their individual original settings. So, the act of changing the Workflow Options to make a Smart Object is incorrectly hard coding the settings in.

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                Jeff_N Level 1

                Here is a solution given by Michael Hale from the Photoshop Macintosh forum.

                I tried it and it work perfectly!!!


                One quick fix would be to edit the Image Processor script. If you add the line


                        desc.putBoolean( stringIDToTypeID( "smartObject" ), true );


                right before the line on 1546

                        var returnDesc = executeAction( charIDToTypeID( 'Opn ' ), desc, inDialogMode );


                TIFF and PSD files will be saved with the raw file as a smart object layer. Of course JPEG files will still be saved as normal.


                It's easy to do. Use the supplied program in photoshop / Bridge > ExtendScript ToolKit found in Applications > Utilities > Adobe Utilities

                Go to the script in Photoshop > presets > scripts > image processor and open it in ExtendScript. Find the line 1546 and add the code above it.

                Save the file with the exact name. Done. From Bridge select the files to process, Tools > Photoshop > Image Processor > choose your settings etc.

                The tiffs and psd will be processed with the base layer as a SO, jpegs will of course be flattened jpegs.