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    Moving Audio Tracks Precisely?

    chuckpuckett Level 1

      I'm trying to match an audio track with video, matching an existing audio track (I recorded the video/audio, now want to add an audio track recordedfrom the sound board). Trying to move the audio track via mouse is hopeless. I need a way to "nudge" the audio track right or left in order to match it.


      I can zoom in, so as to help match the peaks on the two audio tracks, but I don't see the magic key sequence to nudge the new track so that it coincides with the existing one.


      Anybody every do this sort of thing? Tips/ Hints?



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          nealeh Level 5

          Press the [S] to turn off snap, then zoom right in to single frame and drag your audio to the requisite frame.


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Video is made up of frames though. And you won't be able to "nudge" all that precisely with the video. If you've zoomed in all the way, you'll be able to nudge it just from tick mark to tick mark (representing individual frames).


            You may get a bit more precision moving the audio track. You can use the CTI playhead to mark where you want to track to move to and, as you nudge it, it will "snap" to its location on the timeline.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              In PrE, one can only use a TimeCode with Frames as they are the lowest possible unit, i.e. ~ 1/30th of a sec.. Human perception is really limited to about this increment when coupling the eye and the ear, so going finer is not really necessary.


              In PrPro, one can change the TimeCode to Audio Units, and can then adjust the Audio Clips to the reciprocal of the Sample Rate, say 1/48,000 of a sec. for 48KHz Audio. Even there, the Video can only be adjusted to the nearest Frame. Partial Frames are not allowed, and with good reason. Think about the jarring image of a partial Frame.


              Good luck,




              PS - do follow Neale's advice to toggle Snap OFF, when adjusting at the Frame level, so you do not fight things. Then, when you're done, turn it back ON, by hitting the S-key.

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                chuckpuckett Level 1

                Hmm. I really didn't make myself clear. I'm not trying to match *audio *to *

                video*. I'm not trying to match *audio *to audio. I have an existing

                recording whose audio track leaves a lot to be desired. I've loaded in

                better audio track (from the same event, a band gig, recording comes from

                sound board). I'm trying to augment the original audio by mixing in the

                board audio (want to leave some ambience, hence "mix" not "replace").


                So it's a matter of sliding one audio track over so that wave patterns

                match. Of course they won't exactly, but the peaks/valleys will correlate

                enough. My problem was lack of precision in moving the new audio track:

                mouse movements are too gross no matter what. At least one suggestion has

                made reference to moving using a different method to move (CTI playhead?),

                so I'll try and suss out how to make that happen.


                A significant problem in doing what I want to do involves actually moving

                the audio clip: while moving it, the waveform disappears, and that makes it

                impossible to accurately determine *where *to move it in order to match.


                Here's a question w.r.t. to a possible alternative method: I know I can

                Unlink audio/video. How do I save the unlinked audio into a separate (say,

                MP3) file. Then I could use CoolEdit to match/blend, etc, then just replace

                the original (presumably Link again). As long as I don't change the origin

                point of the unlinked file, seems like it should work. Problem is, I've

                Unlinked, but I don't now how to extract the audio component into a separate


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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Thank you for that clarification. You are correct - the Waveform Display does disappear, and this has been a problem with both PrE and PrPro.


                  Instead of Exporting/Sharing to MP3, instead choose PCM/WAV. You can Export/Share just the Audio from the Timeline and then do your mixing in Cool Edit Pro (later Adobe Audition). No need in removing much of the quality of the Audio via the MP3 compression.


                  Sorry that I misunderstood your needs.


                  Good luck,