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    Making Buttons Active After Event


      Hi there,


      I love Flash Catalyst. I think Adobe has a real winner in this product!


      I am trying to learn Catalyst and am creating a simple CBT type application. It has a Welcome page and 4 other pages, all of which have button links on the main Welcome page. I want a video to play on the Welcome page and then when the video has finished, I want the button for page 2 to become sensitized, while buttons for pages 3 and 4 remain desensitized. In other words, I don't want the users to be able to skip to the last page without viewing all the content on the previous pages.


      Is this possible in Catalyst?


      Thanks a million!!

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          Tanya Heins-2I5OoU Level 3



          Yes. Fairly easy.  Take a look at this quick wireframe.


          You would control your welcome video(.flv) starting with an 'On Application Start' interaction

          The progression to the first state after the welcome video is controlled by using the 'On Video Play Complete' interaction

          The availability of the buttons to navigate to the different states are controlled by checking or unchecking the 'Enabled' property on a button in each state.


          Hope this helps,


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            willise414 Level 1

            Hi Tanya,


            That is exactly what I was looking for!!


            I also like the way you incorporated the flv file into the presentation - which begs me to ask another question. My design is being used to try and replace the powerpoint presentation we use all the time at work, so most of my information will be text based. Did you create the flv in Flash Professional, as I think this may be the better approach for me. I could create a table of contents flv, for example, that would play for a defined period of time (maybe bringing up each table of contents one at a time) then when the flv finishes playing, the "Next" button will become sensitized.


            Do you know of any good tutorials for creating a basic, text based, FLV?


            Again, thanks for the help!!! It was really appreciated!

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              Tanya Heins-2I5OoU Level 3

              Hi.  Yes I used Flash Professional to quickly create a movie, which I then converted to an flv for that example.