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      Everytime I down load Adobe

      which has been more times than I can remember it takes over my

      desktop icons? And I have to uninstall to get back onlne. Does anyone have a solution for this?

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          pwillener Level 8

          You don't give too much information to give you effective advice.  But we have heard about similar things happening on Vista and Windows 7, without finding what causes it.  In these cases I have ended up suggesting to use an alternate PDF viewer.

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            hidelou Level 1

            I installed mozilla to try to correct

            but still have the same issue. My computer is an HP , brand new. My operating system is windows 7, and the old dinosaur computer (moo box) didnt have this problem, I have called micro soft, HP and adobe and adobe wants me to pay 39.99 to have them help me fix their program. I paid a computer programmer 89.00 allready to see if he can find out why this happens and he had no solution. The web sites I need all require me to have adobe reader to view their pages. I'm not sure if thats enough info? So nay input would be greatly appriciated.

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              pwillener Level 8

              Thank you for confirming that you have Windows 7.  I still don't understand the term "taking over my desktop icons", but I think that this is the same issue that I referred to in my earlier post.


              So as I wrote before, I don't know the solution for this, and I recommend to use an alternate PDF viewer.  The websites that you mention will work fine, even without Adobe Reader.