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    Timeline Panel - Keyboard Shortcut to Select Current Time Field?

    muzicman82 Level 1

      Hey all,


      Does anyone know if there is a keyboard shortcut to select the current time field in the Timeline panel? I have nice workflow to cut out dead time in a stage production for my master DVD timeline. I set unnumbered sequence markers at the start and end of each chapter. Then I create a new sequence to lay the chapters in. I open the main sequence in Source Monitor, then I can Page Down to the first marker, hit "I" for In, and then Page Down to the second, hit "O" for Out, then "," for Insert. Then, I can hit Shift+3 to select the Timeline panel. Here I need to click the current time, and I paste in "+2.0" to add 2 seconds of black before my next chapter would start. I hit F10 (custom shortcut) to add an Encore Chapter. Then I hit Shift+2 for the Source Monitor. I can then repeat this until the end.


      As you can see, the current time field is the only thing I don't have a keyboard short cut for, and it seriously slows down a near perfect workflow!


      I did figure out I can hit Shift+4 to go to the Program monitor and Tab to select the time in the program monitor, but I'd prefer it in the Timeline Panel as I have to be there to add the Encore chapter marker anyway.