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    Acrobat Pro Patch Update Problems

    Henry Schneider

      I have a MacBook Pro with Adobe Acrobat Pro version 9.0.0 installed.  Everything has been working fine until recently when the Adobe Acrobat patch 9.2.0 was downloaded and attempted to install.  The installation failed and I received the following message:


      The patch has failed because the application has been modified since it was originally installed (for example, plug-ins may have been disabled).

      Please go to the Adobe support website for more information regarding how to re-enable disabled components prior to installing the patch.  Or, you can uninstall and reinstall the application, and then reinstall the patch.

      Adobe Acrobat 9.2.0 (CPSID_50026) failed to install.


      So I uninstalled Acrobat Pro and reinstalled it.  And I still get the same error message.  I have not disabled any plug-ins.  I just did the standard install of Acrobat Pro.


      Please help.  How can I successfully install the patch?



      Henry Schneider

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          I've had an identical problem with Acrobat Pro 9.0 on my MacBook. It's part of a downloaded CS4 Design Standard package and until recently the Adobe Update Manager kept the versions of PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat Pro 9.0 current. Problems arose when it went to update from v9.3.3 to 9.3.4. The download went smoothly but the installation stopped at about 80% and flashed the same message you attached.


          As an alternative, I tried downloading the individual update, but that doesn't fully install either; it stops and an alert panel appears indicating that Safari and Acrobat must both be closed before it will continue. Both apps were closed, which I verified through Window>Acitivity, but the installation would not resume.


          Calls to Adobe Tech Support are hopeless. So far 8 hours on the phone with Adobe's call center in Delhi have produced only the insistent refrain that I purchase the CS5 upgrade since a link to my purchase of CS4 is no longer available for love or money. Aside from the cost of an unnecessary upgrade, there's no guarantee that CS5 would not encounter the same problem. Good luck, I hope we both receive a helpful answer for this matter. Regards,


          David Dudley

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            Henry Schneider Level 1

            As it turned out, I spent a couple of hours with Adobe a week or so ago and

            got the issue resolved.  As I suspected, there were some settings files that

            were corrupted.  Once the Adobe tech deleted them, therefore I don't know

            what they were, I was able to manually download and install ALL updates to

            Acrobat Pro 9.0.  It is now current.

            I also had a similar problem with Device Central for CS5 not updating.  That

            took a separate call to Adobe and another hour because the Acrobat people

            cannot answer CS5 questions and vice versa.  It turns out that my copy of

            Device Central was corrupt and had to be reinstalled.  Once that was

            complete, all of my issues were resolved.


            Perhaps if you call back to Adobe and ask them to delete the Acrobat

            configuration files, then you will be able to install the upgrades.


            Best of luck,