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    Issue regarding RoboHelp8 trial version


      Hi, I downloaded the Trial Version of RoboHelp 8. I wanted to use this to work on a project file of size 60 MB. The output is a Web help. Up until now, this project has been done using RoboHelp 7. So I was opening the RoboHelp 7 files in RoboHelp 8. It took a long time for me to open the file and after that the Windows hour glass icon was appearing every few seconds making it difficult for me to perform any action. Adddinig to this, when I managed to insert some content, the application threw an error message and forced me to close the file. When I tried to open the file again, it is taking forever and of course the hour glass is back indicating that it is still processing something.

      Another point to be noted is that this trial version is installed on my VDI and the whole project has to be worked using my remote desktop. So it is a scary combination of VDI+trial version+huge project file+conversion from 7 to 8.


      Could anyone help me resolve this issue please?


      Thank you