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    Import of SMPTE Bars in AE CS3 has unexpected results

    Karl in Dallas

      If I export SMPTE Bars as ProRes 4:2:2: media from Final Cut Pro 7, import the resulting clip back into FCP and place it on the time line next to the original bars generated by FCP the two sets look exactly identical. If I take that same export and run it though After Effects, with nothing applied to it, render that timeline to ProRes 4:2:2 and import that resulting file into FCP it does not match.The gamma seems wrong, the I & Q signals on a vectroscope no longer line up correctly, saturation seems to be off, and the PLUGE signal appears to be clipped at black.


      Am I using the wrong test pattern to test this in After Effects? If so, what pattern should I be using? Why is After Effects distorting the I & Q signal and the PLUGE signal?


      Helping me down the road to solving this mystery would be greatly appreciated.


      Karl Newman