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    Linking courses to second quiz in curriclum

      I have created a course with an assessment at the end of it. We have also set it to open another quiz if they fail the first quiz.
      If i fail the first quiz the second one opens. When i pass the second quiz it does not register in the curriculum if i passed or failed it. it still says i did not take the quiz. Should this be happening.
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          What's likely happening to you is that Breeze is not registering the completion of the the successfully passed quiz. Do you have the second quiz set as a "required" bit of content? If so, the successful completion of the first quiz leaves this second requirement unfulfilled. If the first quiz automatically begins the second on failure, it's possible that the first quiz never *actually* is completed, as far as Breeze is concerned. Try getting to the last slide of that second quiz, answering the question correctly, and closing the content before the scoring is registered on the server, and you should see the same result. One fix is to have an automatic forward to a single-slide "success" content item on successful completion of the first quiz, which would allow Breeze to appropriately register the completion. Lame, I know, but effective! Good luck!