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    Adobe pdf reader active-x on a single processor


      I am using Adobe Reader version 9.3.3 on a Windows XP Pro SP3 Dual Core machine and it does work as a standalone application perfectly fine, however, I have embedded the ActiveX control that comes with this install into a 3rd party application so I can view PDF documents in here.


      This will display the PDF correctly however when I scroll through, one of the CPU’s goes to 100% and my 3rd party application hangs for 10 seconds or so until the PDF has moved to the place I was scrolling but if I scroll again the same problem occurs. I have found the way to resolve this is to disable dual core on the CPU so it only uses one core however this limits the functionality of the machine and isn’t ideal.


      I believe the reason this resolves the issue is due to our 3rd party application can only use one CPU however Adobe Reader can use both so setting it to single core means they can both only use the same one core available.


      I have noticed with your standalone application AcroRD32.exe appears in the process list however when you are using the ActiveX, nothing appears. I thought if a process appeared under task manager when using the ActiveX control then I can check and set the affinity on that process to the same as our 3rd party application and see if this resolved the issue.


      In which case, would it be possible to set the CPU for the ActiveX control permanently? Also, is this something you have seen before? If so, how did you resolve it?


      Thanks in advance,