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    InDesign Server CORBA plug-in issues


      Hello everybody,


      i need some help in here...



      Problem nr. 1: cannot define the port


      Is there a way to set the port CORBA should use? I know there is no 'standard' way to do that now with the plug-in, but is it possible at all? Maybe changing something and rebuilding from (C++)SDK source? Can I make it configurable? Has anyone a good idea to start with. (It's a pity that you can set the SOAP port and not the CORBA port). It just isn't nice to have to open a very big range of ports in a production system's firewall, only because we cannot tell InDesign which to use!


      Problem nr. 2: wrong IP address in the application IOR


      We are running a IDS on a Widows server machine with two network devices (one for backups, and one connected to the client's network). When the IDS is started, the CORBA plug-in writes the IOR file fetching the IP address from the wrong device, so the client cannot use the IOR to connect to the app. Can someone tell me (some developer there?) how the ip address is fetched? Would it be a solution to just switch the devices? Which logic is deciding wich one to take? The service is listening on both networks.


      I've been working with the InDesign Server CS3 and CS4 and it's CORBA interface for a couple of years now, so it's pretty annoying to have such troubles now. I'll appreciate any hints.


      With regards

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          one more thing...


          does someone know, if I could use corbaloc or corbaname to connect to IDS instead of using the IOR file?


          something like this:




          or this:





          I get a connection to the service, but I always get a org.omg.CORBA.OBJECT_NOT_EXIST exception because I don't know about the naming service and if it's supported at all.


          Again, I would appreciate any information...

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            Actually I dont have a solution for your Question. I am also looking for a straight forward answer for your question.


            There is a workaround for everything in this world. This is what I am thinking,


            Once you span a inDesign server instance with Corba support, you get an IOR file. Decode the IOR file and get the PORT address. Open the particular port on the Windows Firewall programatically.


            Also maintain a list of Ports used by indesign server in a separate log. Constantly monitor the log for un-used ports to close them.

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              After much local experimentation and iteration with Adobe tech support, we have a fix for Problem nr. 1: cannot define the port that works in our environment (IDS CS4 running as a service, Windows 2008 Server).
              Add this parameter to your server startup command line for each instance of InDesign Server you're running:


              -ORBendPoint giop:tcp:<serverIP>:<portNumber>


              <serverIP> is the static IP of the server that is running IDS. Note: The OmniOrb docs imply that you can use the server's domain name here, but that didn't work for us. also did not work. The IP number does work. This might help your Problem nr. 2: wrong IP address in the application IOR if you set it to the IP you want to listen on, but we have no experience with that.
              <portNumber> is the port you want IDS (via OmniOrb) to listen on. If you're running multiple instances as we are, each instance should have its own unique port number.


              I completely agree that, as an enterprise product, IDS's default behavior of boldly going where no one has gone before in your port space at each restart is not the way to play nice in a firewalled, enterprise environment. This should be documented in Adobe's Introduction to InDesign Server in the command line parameter discussions, it would have saved us a lot of time