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    Non-commercial developer licensing

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      Are there any plans for a non-commericial developers license for FB3? Either one of those free-for-non-commercial-use/"express version" deals or at least something relatively inexpensive for individual developers (sub-$100's range)?

      I'm in a situation where I think I'd like to use Flex for the front end to a few at-home-hobby projects, but I'm not going to shell out $500 or whatever for something that might not fit my needs after I'm a few months into trying to use it. The 30 day trial evaluation is nice, but it's not nearly long enough to make a decision at the pace I'm going.

      I would think that something like this would spread the popularity of the technology more quickly, and even generate more cash flow for Adobe. As an example, like many others, I'm in the position to push for (or not push for) purchasing Flex Builder and possibly the additional add-ons at work (a pretty large and well known employer), but I'm not going to do so if I can't comfortably and confidently say that it is worth the investment. I'd like to support this technology and start becoming an advocate, but it's a little difficult with the current situation the way it is.
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          I wholeheartedly concur. I have been experimenting with Flex some on my free time, but I can only put in a little bit of time here and there. Before I know it, 30 days is up. From the time I had started with Flex2, and by the time I had enough time to really devote to doing something with it, I'd run out of my trial. If the demo actually clocked my usage and gave me 30 days of usage, that'd be one thing, but even then $500 is a lot of money for what would be for me an occasional use tool. I had a friend comment that $500 for what seemed to be primarly a GUI builder was a lot of money, and I can agree. If I was solely a Flex guy, it'd be a non-issue, but the door fee to get in and start checking out this club is kinda stiff.

          Alternatively, I'd love to see Flex bundled in a CS Web Developer package similar to CS Web Standard, but with the addition of Flex and maybe Cold Fusion, with a significant discount for buying it that way. At least then I'm paying a bunch of money for a whole suite of tools that I'm getting on the whole a decent amount of use out of and I can justify the cost much easier then.
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            I've been reading through all these comments about the FB3 trial expiring and I hope Adobe has been paying attention. All in all FB3 is a very important tool to developers and one which is very hard to let go of, once it expires. Here is my suggestion to Adobe. Why not have a free version of FB3 that never expires but which produces swf files which do expire in 30 days? This way developers can keep experimenting with it and when they decide it is the right tool to use, they actually buy a license for it so their apps won't keep expiring every 30 days. Just a thought and I would like to hear what the community thinks of this and especially what Adobe thinks.
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              or they can just have a watermark on the background as they do with the charts
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                Originally posted by: Fidoogle
                Why not have a free version of FB3 that never expires but which produces swf files which do expire in 30 days?


                Originally posted by: robsharma1985
                or they can just have a watermark on the background as they do with the charts

                Great ideas definitely. There are plenty of options Adobe could explore to offer better trial periods versus just a fixed period of days. Everything from the most restrictive (usage time), to annoying (crippleware, nagware, watermarks or forced Flex logo usage), or the most freedom which would be free non-commericial licenses. Any of these options would be a great improvement over just having 30 days from the first use of Flex and hopefully Adobe will listen and make changes to allow Flex to be explored by more people more easily.