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    need advice - AE keeps crashing - audio preview


      I'm having a tough time with AE (CS3 on mac os 10.4.11) - keeps crashing when I preview audio. It's a big project, lots of little aiff audio tracks strung together, viewing waveforms in comps.
      Get the message 'The application Adobe AE 8.0 quit unexpectedly..." every time I preview audio (press period on numeric keypad) more than once or twice.
      I've tried the project on 2 different machines (with slightly different OS,versions of QT, etc.), restarting, trashing preferences...
      but AE keeps crashing and I can't make any headway.

      Is this a known issue?
      Is there a limit to the number of audio tracks/files that AE can handle?
      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!