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    Issue with Text box editing.Does not show existing text selected with mouse click focus.



        I am getting one strange issue in my flex application (SDK 3.3). Every text box in my application is behaving strangely. When I click on one text box (with existing value) then it should show me that text selected. But what it does is, it's throwing my cursor at begining in that text box, no matter where do I click in that text box.

      It shows me text selected for micro seconds but then immediately throws cursor at begining. Looks like there is any automated script or event listner which is pushing cursor at begining. But I have search eavery section of my code file and there is no event listner or automated function for doing that kind of thing.

      When I move between text boxes using tab key, then it show text selected.

      Though tab keys are not working fine either for all text boxes. After 3 text boxes I am loosing my tab focus outside the flash.

      I have tried a lot with Tab Indexes and TabEnable/FocusEnable property of various controls in that application. But no help.


      One different thing, in my application, is that I am loading another flash inside Flex application using SWFLoader and that flash has few objects which are catching keyboard tab keys some times. (That is another problem for me that I was not able to set that SWFLoader TabEnabled=False or FocusEnabled=false)


      Has anyone got similar issue before and/or can help me to solve this?


      Thanks in advance.