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    Adding Field Info in Subject Line of Email with Attached PDF

    ccasmoe20 Level 1

      Had a question regarding the email submit button. I wanted to know if there was a way to put the information put into a specific text field in the email subject line when the PDF is being sent via email as an attached.


      For Example:

      Question one on the form would be.....


      1). Why are you submitting this email?

      (Answer by User) Website Technical Issue


      I would like to take the text "Website Technical Issue" and add to subject line of the email being sent by the user when they press submit/send at the bottom of the PDF. So it would send an email out of their inbox, with the attached PDF they filled out, and the subject line stating what ever they put in text field 1.


      Any help or a given PDF example would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!