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    save SkinPartEvent

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      The doc of this class mentions that the implementation of SkinnableComponent could change and we shouldn't rely on SkinPartEvent ( a bit like mx_internal then... ).


      Although, I found myself pretty much forced to use it and I think it would be nice if this event was standard and is retained in the future.


      As an example, see my use case :

      I need to automatically scroll the vertical scrollbar of a TextArea.


      For info, this was pretty much a one liner in Flex3, since the scrollbars were owned by the component itself ( I'm not saying this was better ). In Flex4, I have no problem writing a bit more code for such custom code providing there are sufficient hooks in the framework. ( I noticed the amount of bindable properties and dispatched events is maybe a bit lower than before which could makes things difficult )


      So the code I wrote basically does the following :


      _ Listen for SkinPartEvent.PART_ADDED and check if the part is the scroller

      _ add a PropertyChangeEvent.PROPERTY_CHANGE listener on the Scroller's IViewport with a low priority so that the scrollbar can update their maximum. I'm only interested in the "contentHeight" property.

      _ set the scroller.verticalScrollBar value to its maximum.



      Quite a few steps indeed. But regardless, I'm a bit afraid of the possibility that the hook I used ( SkinPartEvent ) might be removed ?