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    Custom frame size


      I've been searching the net for an answer all day, but can't work it out.


      I'm trying to create a video with frame-output 288x364. When I save it, I get the correct size of frame, but the video is only shown i the middle of the frame - like it dosn't fit to the frame size. Can you help in anyway?


      I'm a rookie at this....! And Danish too, so excuse my poor English!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's very difficult to create a custom output size from Premiere Elements. But a lot depends on the type of camcorder your video came from and which Premiere Elements project settings you're using.


          What file type are you trying to output at that size?

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            kimdj Level 1

            I think they've shot it with an ENG Sony PMW-EX1R - and the file I got from their server was blackmagic-files.


            I want to to use PAL and output should be in FLV.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I am sorry, Kim, but Premiere Elements may not be able to work with video from that camcorder. It also shoots video in a number of different formats at a number of different quality levels, and I don't know that Premiere Elements is set up to work with any of them.


              Have you considered a professional video editing program like Sony Vegas or Premiere Pro CS5?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                BlackMagic is designed to work with one of the BM Capture cards and their CODEC's. Do you have a BlackMagic AJA, or Intensity Capture card?


                I do not know if PrE will work with one, even if you have it, plus the appropriate CODEC. You will likely be far better using PrPro CS5 to work with the BM cards.


                Good luck,



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                  kimdj Level 1

                  Thanks for the replies.


                  I haven't got any problems working with blackmagic in Elements - the files imports easely. My only issue is, that it seems like I can't get the output adjusted to the frame, or cumstomize a frame before editing.

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                    So is this the best answer that we can come up with in four months?  That Premiere Elements can't work with some cameras, so you have to spend a lot more money for a better program?


                    Let me put that sort of question another way:  When trying to render a project to an AVI file, Elements only gives me a choice of the 720 x 480 frame size.  In order to reduce the file size for uploading, I want to reduce it to a smaller frame size.  I'm not really picky about the exact size, but I was figuring around 420 x 320.  (And, as Kimdj said, I don't want to just reduce the viewable area, effectively cropping the video.  I want to take the whole frame and shrink it down.)


                    I've been able to do this with other, older, cheaper video editing programs in the past (Pinnacle 8, Video Wave 4, and others), so I'm skeptical about claims that Premiere Elements can't handle the job, or that the camera I used is important (a simple Nikon Coolpix S550, for the record).


                    So now that that the debate has been rephrased, does this spark anyone's creativity?


                    Thanks in advance!


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                      nealeh Level 5

                      For FLV PAL/NTSC is meaningless so use Share> PC> Adobe Flash Video and pick the NTSC option. Click Advanced and you can then change the frame size. You will however get black bands left/right* because your frame height (364) is higher than your frame width (288).


                      *Some players (e.g. Windows Media Player) may automatically resize the view.


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                        nealeh Level 5

                        AVI is a generic container, what is inside it is important (analogy: think of it as a .zip file). I take it you are Sharing as DV-AVI? If this is so then you cannot alter the frame size as the DV-AVI standard is fixed.


                        You can however resize to 420x320 in any of the other four Share> PC formats.


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