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    HtmlLoader - is it possible to catch/redirect page content? like a Local cache?

    zeroskillz Level 3

      Here's the scenario, I have a kiosk app I'm working on, and am loading html pages within it using the HTMLLoader class. I'm curious if it is possibale to catch requests mainly for video and images from the html page, and redirect the request.


      Essentially what i want is a way to set up a local cache of images and video, and possibly data, and have the parent AIR app manage it. As example, the content is managed via an online CMS, and when the kiosk runs, I'd like it to cache all the images/videos it needs locally for playback, and add any new images/content as it changes.


      I have complete control over both ends, so if access/permissions/crossdomain files need to happen, that's no problem.

      Thanks in advance!