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    CP5: Call another project and return?

    Tom Tantalus Level 1

      I added a click box to my slide with action "Open another project" and the options "New" and "NOT continue playing".


      The other project starts playing in the same browser window but at the end it does not return to the calling project. Using back button in browser restarts the calling project instead of continuing from the leaving position.


      Please tell what else I must do.

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          mvlele Level 3



          I did a quick check with the settings mentioned. It correctly opens the new project in a separate tab of the same browser (chrome). Existing project pauses. Hence once new project is complete, learner can return to previous tab and continue the original project.


          Can you please tell us on which browser you are checking?

          Also can you please check your settings once to confirm you are selecting correct options.




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            Tom Tantalus Level 1

            Hi mvlele,


            with Your help I found the source of my trouble: after setting the "project to be opened" and the hidden "options" I changed the project.


            Unfortunately the options were reset with this in the background. So what I had to do was setting the hidden options again.


            With the settings repaired the return works as expected (I'm using Chrome too).


            Thanks, hsr