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    embedding externals resources in SWF

    Jean-Claude Tremblay User Group Manager

      Here what I’m tying to do. I have an SWF files exported from Indesign CS5 with animation and some videos/sounds. Their is no options inside InDesign to automatically embedding theses resources when creating the SFW. So when I import the SWF in Catalyst and play it either as SWF or AIR all the video is missing and the sound also. I have read one FAQ  ( http://bit.ly/a7Sk8H ) about that in the forum but the solutions is outdated (was written for the beta in 2009) and does not works.


      So, how can we make FC to recognize the externals resources and be able to play them when exported to SWF or AIR?




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          Hi Jean-Claude,

          You need to copy the assets that are linked to your SWF into your published Catalyst project like this...


          ...so they are next to "Main.swf" (instead of being next to "movie.swf" which is what you might expect.)


          Best regards


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            Jean-Claude Tremblay User Group Manager

            Hi Ian...


            Ok, that works fine when copying the folders created by InDesign that is called ([Whatever] Resources) at the same level of the main.swf in the bin-ebug folder. This work fine when using Run Project to preview the swf from Catalyst itself. But When Publishing, none of the assets is copied to the "run-local" or "deploy-to-web" folder. So we need to manually copy the resources again.


            What I was interested in was to build an AIR app out of Catalyst, but the video/sounds does not seems to be included in the AIr application. At least they do not play in the application.


            If I do a right click on the AIR application, and take a look inside the package, in the Contents > Resources folder, I can see the video and sound file in two places (1) Floating at inside the Resources folder and also (2) Inside the assets > medias folder


            So a few question remain.

            (1) Why does I have a duplicate of the files inside the air app?

            (2) Why it is not working (even if I manually place them manually?


            Thanks for your help!



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              i_giblin Level 1

              Hi Jean-Claude,

              I'd like to clarify, my steps above work for fixing a project with a swf that replies upon external resources that has been published.


              The real solution is here...



              Once you do that AND save your (fxp) project if you go to Publish to SWF/AIR the files will be copied for you so you won't have to do any manual copying to the published folders, like I described.


              If that still doesn't work there may be a bug (with publish to Air) I'll have to look into it.



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                Jean-Claude Tremblay User Group Manager

                Hello again Ian!


                Copying the needed resources folder to the scr one make it work for running preview and exporting to the "run-local" or "deploy-to-web" folder. The resources are copied automaticly. But the AIr application is not working. The resources are inside the application package (only once this time) but the video & sound do not play. Strange!


                Do you want me to continue discussing this offline. Let me know.

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                  i_giblin Level 1

                  Hi Jean Claude,

                  Yes, let's sort the AIr application not working -offline. I got your mail. Once we get that figured out I'll post something back here.




                  Catalyst Team

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                    ianben Level 1

                    Hi Ian,

                    I am having a similar problem with a swf that I created in InDesign containing swf movies. Catalyst originally displayed the turning pages but wouldn't play the movies. I tried copying the individual swf's into the Assets/Images folder but now the entire page swf is missing. A bit puzzled.